Explosive Remnants of War - The main obstacle for reconstruction of the society

Since the outbreak of war, Ukraine has become one of the most affected areas from explosive remnants of war - in the world. The country suffers severely from a very extensive contamination of explosive remnants, i.e. unexploded ammunition, landmines, cluster munitions, booby trapped property and improvised explosive devices. The heavy contamination of mines and unexploded ordnance is one of the main obstacles for the reconstruction of the society and to the preconditions for people to be able to return to their homes. The total area of suspected hazardous areas contaminated with explosive remnants amounts to a whopping 180.000 km2, which corresponds to 25% of the country's total area.

The most urgent need to avoid unnecessary civilian casualties is warning and cordon equipment.
During winter, the visual signs of dangerous areas disappear. Equipment is needed to block off hazardous areas and warn people to avoid accidents.

The total need is enormous and adequate warning and containment equipment needs to be made available in all war-affected areas. The need is for complete kits adapted to both Ukrainian and international mine action standards, that can be easily distributed to all humanitarian as well as military units in the field.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Sweden, together with Disarmament Solutions, is implementing a donation program to support Ukraine in the extremely difficult situation with explosive remnants of war.

Donate to support Ukraine with urgently needed demining equipment.

The Swedish company Disarmament Solutions has been active in Ukraine since long before the outbreak of the war and is currently contracted by both the Ukraine government and international organizations. Several equipment sets adapted to the unique situation in Ukraine and in accordance with both Ukrainian and international mine action standard have been developed. Thanks to a unique network of manufacturers and partners, the equipment can be delivered with short lead times.

Donation program to support Ukraine with urgently needed demining equipment

Equipment sets needed in Ukraine