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100% of your donation will be used to fund complete kits of urgently needed demining equipment.

All donations of a fixed amount will be used to fund minefield warning and cordon equipment to block off hazardous areas, warn people and avoid accidents. As soon as a complete kit is funded, the corresponding equipment is handed over to the Ukrainian embassy in Sweden together with a list of donors (voluntary).

If you would like to donate a complete set of equipment, you can choose what kind of equipment you would like to donate. Every donated set of equipment will be delivered with a unique donation certificate (voluntary).

Every donation makes a difference - regardless of amount.

Fill in the form below and you will recieve a donation invoice by email for payment.

SEK (minimum 1000 SEK)
EUR (minimum 100 EUR)
Complete set of warning and cordon equipment
Complete toolkit for a deminer/EOD operator
Personal protective equipment kit for a deminer/EOD operator